A Unique Team of Formulators

The team at Formulators Kitchen spans a broad range of expertise and can accommodate almost every cosmetic formulating need. Together, we offer over 100 years of combined experience. Our focus areas complement each other perfectly, and we are equally passionate about our work.

We look forward to working with you!


Colin Sanders

Colin Sanders


Colin Sanders

Colin is a cosmetic and pharmaceutical scientist with over 30 years of experience. He works as an independent consultant developing new beauty products and assists both cosmetic and pharma companies with projects, trouble shooting, and regulations. 

Colin is a chemist, but also has experience in several disciplines as his work has included numerous kinds of product development over the years – from licensed pharmaceuticals for dermatological applications to brand toiletries for multiple large brand retailers, branded products, and treatments for skin conditions.

Colin's first-hand, long-time experience with everything from marketing strategies to factory production makes him a true beauty industry insider. 

"I look at the data behind the claims and am particularly interested in the skin. This is often described as the largest organ in the body – and it is certainly one of my favourites".

Colin likes to formulate products that are elegant but simple. He is passionate about staying up to date with the latest literature in the field and always aims to work with an optimal understanding of the science of how formulations work and how the body works.

Visit Colin's blog: Colin's Beauty Pages


lise andersen

lise andersen


Lise Andersen

Lise is a self-professed ‘green formulator’ who works predominately with plant-based ingredients – preferably as raw and unprocessed as possible. 

Her goal with every formula is to employ the barest of basics without sacrificing function or the all-important luxury factor.

"It’s an interesting and challenging balance to strike that requires in-depth understanding of every ingredient you include in a formula."

Entirely self-taught, Lise has spent years researching, testing, and developing cosmetics for both skin and haircare. Lise journals some of her work at her blog and has authored books on how to make herbal extracts, DIY skincare, and more.

Although her cosmetics-making journey began when she was in her teens, she is still as smitten with the process of creating and producing cosmetics as the day she began.

In addition to formulation services, Lise creates custom, 100% tailored cosmetics and offers consultation services.


rebecca wright

rebecca wright


Rebecca Wright

Rebecca is the cosmetic formulator behind Botanical Formulation’s and founder of the award winning natural skincare range:  [M] BOTANICALS. 

Rebecca’s passion lies with natural skincare, body care, and haircare products. 

Running her own business has given her a solid knowledge of the market, legislation and practicalities of launching a skincare range in the UK/EU.

Her approach to cosmetic formulation includes an understanding of chemistry, biology, microbiology, psychology, as well as cultural perceptions of beauty. 

“Formulating for myself is a form of art and about being creative and having fun in this ever changing world of cosmetic science. When I formulate for others, it includes getting to the heart of what my customer is looking for so I can help them bring the best possible product to market."




Duncan Abbott

Duncan has over 25 years of formulating experience and has worked in the personal care and household products industry for a wide range of companies – some are household names and some are responsible for supplying household names with their products.

While working in the cleaning chemicals sector, his focus was to 'keep businesses and people from all walks of life safe and healthy'.

Duncan is trained as a synthetic chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, but soon found that there was much more art and humanity to be expressed in cosmetics and toiletries.

“I have made my way in formulating by knowing when to follow the rules, and when to bend them. My formulation style is to use commonplace materials in an unusual way to get the best results.”

Duncan has formulated across all sectors including SPF, skincare, haircare, and household products. 

He sums up the sentiments of the entire team beautifully:  

“It’s a proud feeling when a product I have worked on hits the market. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small crafts fair or an international retailer - I get a kick out of it every time.”